Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Mall of Emirates and the Jumeirah Beach residence

In the morning after breakfast , the four of us went to the Mall of Emirates. My father likes to talk to the taxi drivers. It was a short ride. We went to buy the gifts at Al Jabeer gift shop. I like the eyes as I told yati. Before that we saw the perfumer Abdul Samad Al Qurashi's shop.  I wondered how much the bakhoor or agarwood powder would cost. I thought of not buying any because Yati had bought for many bakhoor but that does not stop me for buying another bakhoor. It cost me AED 80 for 50grm of agarwood powder.  There some other which is AED 150 and 300 but I know there would be more expensive bakhoor . Yati bought the Jadayel hair oil for AED 50. Then we went to buy gifts.
For lunch my mother cooked masak lemak ikan or fish in yellow gravy which tastes very homey , two fried fish and some mustard greens. Then at 5.00 pm we went to Dubai Marina Mall which has some fine shops . The blouses in Dubai start at AED 199 and there are some bargains. Most of the pharmacies around these area sell upmarket brand. We went to buy some salad at Waitrose supermarket and one garbanzo salad from Carluccio's. After that we went to the Jumeirah beach residence and ate the salad on the beach. After that we  browse along the restaurants. I still have wind . Then my sister Yati treated us at Bazerkan restaurant  for lebanese food. I have been eating lamb most of the time. Perhaps that is why I feel the heatiness. My mother and sister is out again to see her office.

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