Friday, April 23, 2010

Abu Dhabi

Today we went to Abu Dhabi . My father wanted to see his friend at the Golf Gardens. We woke up early. Yesterday I went to the Mall of Emirates again with my sister Dr. Yati. We went browsing through the stores. I did not buy any cosmetics or lingerie. It was not in my budget . We went to the  Swiss Arabian kiosk. There we bought some nice bakhoor .  Then we went to to a perfume shop called Al Rasasi. There we bought more bakhoor , a rose and amber fragance. There were two more perfume shop . Abdul Samad Al Qurashi and Ajmal. I don' know if they have bakhoor but I am planning to buy some more.
After we went to my father's friend's residence, we went to take few pictures at the Marina Mall and then in front of one of the palaces. We were allowed to take some pictures in front as it was not allowed to go there on Friday and Saturday. After that we had our Jumaat prayers at the famous mosque in Abu Dhabi with the golden domes . My sister said it is like the Alladin's story. Then we went to Al Ain which is a smaller city compared to Dubai. Dubai with the tall skyline. I have always forgotten to take pictures of food .  We arrived back home around 6.45 pm.

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