Monday, April 19, 2010

Dubai Story Part One- 100th blog

I am in Dubai now with my parents.My sister has treated me with a holiday  in Dubai. Yahoo !!! I am staying at my sister's apartment at the Knowledge Village at Palm Jumeirah. Dubai is a cosmopolitan,metropolitian    city with lots of tall buidlings. So far I have gone to the Jumeirah beach, Souk  Madinat Jumeirah , a boat ride to old Dubai , Ibnu Batutta Mall and Mall of Emirates. We reached Dubai with MAS on Thursday evening at 5.30 pm .
The first  morning we went to   the Souk Madinat Jumeirah  . These souks have a wonderful ambience   with lovely  lighted stores. I will upload the photos later. Then we went to the Mall of Emirates . The dresses cost AED 1000 above. We had lunch at the food stall where we had Beirut fare. One thing I notice is that the portion of  food here is huge. I could not finish the portion with rice , salad, soup and two breads. I think my husband will like the food. Then we went around the MOE , and had our prayers there. The prayer room is huge with plush carpets. I like it.
The next day we went for  a boat ride to old Dubai. It was very hot and then my father said he felt like fainting. We went also  around  near beaches , took pictures near the Atlantis hotel. Since it was a weekend there were many people. The toilets are clean for those who are interested.
 I saw Borjouis and Max Factor makeup at the Boots store at Ibnu Batutta mall . We went there last night. It was huge and we did not cover the whole mall as my father said he was tired. We had dinner last night too , I tried the mixed grill and as usual the rice portion is big. At the old Dubai we went to a Bukhari restaurant which is from Chennai. We had special bryani . My father wanted to see the stores at Old Dubai  but the it was very hot. We stopped at a store which sold everything. The price here is cheaper than the malls but of course. There is a shop called Al Jabeer which sells very nice gifts  at the expensive side.Another shop  called Life Style has Bath and Body  gels and lotions. Bourjouis makeup ,Rimmel and NYC too is available.
 At the old Dubai  the price is about RM 5 so you can choose but is far from the new town .About 40 minutes or so. I have not tried the Metro.
I have not spotted The Lime Tree cafe at the Ibnu Stall.My sister Yati said that we can try the Coliseum or the Paul Brasserie the next time we go to the Mall Of Emirates.  Last night we went around the Jumeirah Beach Residence or JBR .It is the hippest place to be with upscale outdoor cafes with ladies clad in black. It is near the beach. Very nice. I hope to try  the Beirut dish again. Last night we went to a very nice mosque near the Jumeirah beach. It seems that we always go near the Jumeirah.

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