Thursday, December 9, 2010

Tajine Restaurant ,Bukit Bintang

Last Monday was my husband's day off.He agreed to go for lunch. I tried to contact several middle -eastern restaurants at Jalan Damai and Bangsar but to no avail.At last he agreed to go to the  Tajine Restaurant at Bukit Bintang . It is a Moroccan restaurant. I have always wanted to go there but did not want to go alone. So off we went , it was raining heavily. The road was jammed along the Pudu area. My husband said his legs were crammed so we stopped near a parking area. It has been awhile since we came to this area. Along the shops  there were many arabian perfumeries.
We walked until I saw the Ship restaurant and BB park , so it must be near. It is near the Mc Donald's since I have googled the place frequently.  Actually it is behind the McDonald's  above a shop ,you cannot miss the sign of a tagine. A waiter in was waiting downstairs. Sorry ,  I have no pictures. There were two customers  around . The decor is nice enough , we went to the windows , one can see Lot 10 and more . It would be romantic at night . I ordered the lamb tagine with prunes , for RM 22, there are many types of tagines. It is in the RM 22 range, my husband tried the one on promotion for RM 15.90 with drinks along. The tagine came with bread but I ordered some rice. The lamb comes with prunes, soft and tasty . I have never tasted a tagine before and it is good.The waiters were friendly   The rice is in large portion. My husband said he is full. I think I will come here again but at night.  The bill came for RM 58 . So, I think it is okay .
After lunch , we went to BB park  and for some tea.  We went back and I did asked for some bakhoor . They have nice ones but I liked the one from Dubai . After that we stopped at Semua House to buy a pigmentation soap. There is no Reneu soap but there is a  Puteri Rembulan one . I did not buy that soap instead bought the Citra Lestari soap. This soap does not last long , I think I will buy the Puteri Rembulan soap . How fickle can I get.

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