Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Penang holiday and food

                                                   Healthy Bones day at Gurney Plaza

                                          Roast Lamb and Briani at Hameediah Restaurant

Last Friday my parents and I were treated to a flight to Penang by my sister Nas.Before leaving we had some noodle at the Noodle restaurant at the airport. We had some dry Hong Kong and Taiwanese dry noodle . My parents had the one with wantan and I had the one with beef. The Firefly  flight to Penang was one hour. When we arrived , we were whisked to dinner again at Pak Hussein Tomyam. This is the second time I have been here. We have Thai fare . It was nice with fish, kerabu sotong, kailan , squid in batter and apple juice.
The next day we went to see my nephew's kindergarden concert. He was one of the contestants from the east coast. The next day we went to see my niece at her Taekwondo practice at Queensbay mall. We went to Borders  bookstore and lingered on. After that we went to have some bryani at Hameediyah restaurant at Campbell street.My father said it has been around for  decades. We had roast lamb and bryani rice and all the condiments.Maryam had chicken tandoori. After paying we realised that  there is another new restaurant just a few steps away ,the tandoori one. Next time we will got there.At night Nas brought us to another restaurant near the seaside called the Seri Pantai Tom yam.We had grilled fish , cockles and others. It rained everyday in Penang. 
Then the next day went to Gurney Plaza for my nephew Hamzah , colouring contest. His kindergarden KTM, had participated in the Healthy Bones day . After one hour we went for lunch at the Awet Muda  restaurant which is an  open air restaurant    at the road side. We had malay food with bean sprouts in coconut milk, grilled sting ray and a lot of ulam greens basically . I could not resist the banana flower  or jantung pisang and sambal. The last day was spent  at the hair dresser. I had a hair cut and hair colour , my mother too had her hair done. A treat from my sister Yati, he he he.So there goes four days  of  niceties in Penang.Penang is a nice place especially  the houses near the hospitals with old trees.

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  1. The roast lamb and briani look delicious.:) I hope to visit the restaurant the next time I'm in Penang.