Sunday, November 28, 2010

Last 2 days in Jakarta

On Thursday Nas,my father and I went to Poins Mall nearby. My sister bought more swimsuits, a cake for Sadd, dvds and some more nigella sativa. The bottle for 210 capsules costs IDR 40,000. I bought a Mustika Ratu Taman Heritage Avocado mask at the Giant supermarket for IDR 56700. It is availlable here at the Mustika Ratu headquarters in KL .After that we went home. There is a surprise for Sadd who will be coming home from the convocation  tonight.
The last day was spent at the Taman Safari Indonesia in Bogor. It was an hour drive and we came out early in the morning past some nice villages. We arrived early about 8.45 if I am not mistaken. The Safari is in a sprawling land and we stopped to buy some carrots for the animals. Sure enough the Zebras and the Lllamas and the deers along with the monkeys were waiting to be fed. Irfan watched the windows for the right height. In another car Hamzah got bitten by a Zebra . It was a first experience for me. After looking at the tigers and the lions we went to the souvenir shop and fed the elephants and had photographs taken at with a leopard , a snow tiger and an Orang Utan.We received the good news that Rafiq had a baby girl named Rania Z.Then off we went to a sit down restaurant. That was the last night in Jakarta. It is a nice place to be , with the wonderful food and friendly people to be around. We got home yesterday after 10  fine days of in Jakarta at Sadd's house .At night we went to visit Rafiq's daughter at the Pusrawi hospital.

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