Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Jalan Jalan di Jakarta

Yesterday we , my parents, sisters and I ,were treated to facial treatment and massage at  a spa called Dian Kenanga. It has rustic charm . The place has a treatment called totok aura  which is said to promote youthfulness without going under  surgery. There are some nice scrubs ,body cream which cost IDR 70,000 for the large size and organic food.
In the morning we were treated with some breakfast meals, some fried dishes or goreng-gorengan  to go along with tea. Some nibbles with tofu and tempe.  After going to the spa , we went for lunch at the Kemiri restaurant at a nice mall,called Pejaten  Village here  and again the rustic ambiance of traditional life and traditional food were  everywhere.  Something like Marche.We had some Sundanese fare, some lamb chops and roast lamb or "Kambing guling"  . The roast lamb cost IDR 49,000.Here the food goes with kecap manis , Indonesian soya sauce and green birds' eye chilies. I also found out a dish with fried bananas and cheddar cheese. Very nice.At night the menu was fish curry, fried chicken and a large fish bought at the market in the morning.
The next day  which is today, we went to Cempaka Mas mall for shopping, there were many shops with friendly shop assistants. We went to buy telekong , or prayer garments, muslimah swimming suits ,blouse , baby and children clothes  and tudong or head scarf. The telekong cost from IDR 200,000 to IDR 350,000.  The nicer ones cost IDR 900000 with nice bags, they do give discount.I also bought a bottle of black cumin, or habbatusauda for IDR 45000. Tonight Sadd made mee Udang, very nice with all the condiments. Today in the evening it rained heavily and the weather is cloudy.

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