Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Capati and Emma

It took me about 18 years to learn how to make capati. A famous  flat bread. I don' t know, I am not sure how to knead or how much flour to add.  Last week I asked my husband to buy some atta flour. Since I know how to make well a decent looking pie sometimes , he did.  I looked up at the You tube. Tried doing one and then my husband showed me how to make a capati. He made a huge batch yesterday , he is still not sure that I could make the proper mixture. I rolled the dough . When you have knead the mixture and let it sit. Make a small ball and then make it into a round shape and pat both sides into some flour . That will make it easier to roll . So now my husband is very happy to eat the capatis at home every day.
I loved watching Emma by Jane Austen  I saw the latest one in 2009 at the YouTube where else .What a breath of fresh air and away from the real world.  How I love to see Emma having dinner and watch her antics. I love period movies.  I bought " Pride and Prejudice '' with Keira Knightley as Elizabeth Bennet. I especially love the part when they were having breakfast. I love watching food. I do not know where I place it. I have to search for it again.
Well, Mr Darcy is always dashing and aloof and tall. I have bought "Sense and Sensibility "  last two years. I have enjoyed it immensely. When I was a teenager , that is I used to watch a programme called " Affairs of the Heart ". It was everything about love in Victorian England. I used to love the large bird cage .Sometimes it is very nice to escape from the 21st century and doodle in times when things are less complicated or was it ?
I have also watched Fransesca Annis in 'Lillie ' the life of Lilie Langtry with my mother and sisters.

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