Wednesday, June 9, 2010


I have been cooking since my husband is still on holidays.  Capati and the tomato yogurt chicken , ladyfingers and eggplant. Yesterday it was the same recipe using meat . We tried to make yogurt but it was not quite successful. So I finished the yoghurt . I bought some more today.  I  am trying to read Emma and Middlemarch which I bought years ago. Maybe I will get another book.
I saw 'Coco before Chanel' last night.It  was a sad story.  It was a wonderful true story of a woman who became very rich despite her being an orphan and humble upbringing .  Coco Chanel. I love her bags. She loved to read.. She never married. The man she loved  was married to  another rich woman and  he met an accident one day. He died . True stories of successful  ones  are often tinged with  sadness . So are  the classics. 
I wonder if I will be able to buy some wallpaper for my bedroom. I saw the french style bedroom set from John Lewis . Closer to home , there  is another white bedroom set advertised in " Pengantin"  or Bride magazine. Fella has white furniture . I am into white furniture . 
I thought of having pink wall paper but that is too feminine. Blue , well blue or maybe butter since I realised that  I love rooms with  cream walls. I am into creamy , golden . I also like blue or duck blue . A blue room. I intend to have a blue room one day with some chinoseries.   Well , a nother day for dreaming.

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