Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Hand Affair

Once awhile I will look at my hands.People  say they  tell your age. Sometimes I would scrub my hands with a mixture of sugar and olive oil.  Whenever I  remember I would put olive oil ,almond or castor oil or some hand lotion.Tupperware has an exfoliating hand scrub and cream. I would love it  if my hands are soft and not dry or coarse or wrinkling.  Ouch .
There is a dot on my hand . I wonder if  the  dot is  some oil splattered  or an age spot.  I  wonder how I can  diminish the spot. There are some bite marks  from my cat Jingga . I especially like to look at hand creams . Especially those with shea butter.
I read that ROC hand cream does wonders for the hand especially those with age spot. I was thinking of  buying  a  hand paraffin  machine. The one that you put your hand and envelope with paraffin wax for  soft, youthful hands. I was thinking of those. You can purchase the machine locally. Beauty equipment  shops sell them for around RM 200 and above . Here are some local shops that I  found which sells the hand parrafin bath . They are   .http://ahtienterprise.com/products-paraffin.html ,http://veemanbeauty.com/store/product.php?id_product=1229 and from http://www.magicboobeauty.com/beauty_product/09.html.
 This has to be one of my wish list. To scrub my hand , spray the hand sanitizer and add the cream .  And gently put my hands in parrafin. My mother likes to use for her feet. Sometimes it is sold separately , one for the hand and another  for the feet.
I saw some other parraffin bath  from overseas. One of them is from Therabath. It does look good with the accesories and all . It is sells for USD 199 . Here is the website http://www.therabathpro.com/treatments/hands.php . Another is from the Artemis woman and from Remington. So one of these days I might indulge myself in of a perfect hand spa at home.

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