Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Niqah day

On the 26th February which fell  on the Maulidur Rasul day , was  also the day  my brother  GG got married The aqad nikah or solemnization ceremony was held at   Kg Baru  mosque after Asar  prayers. Both the bride and groom wore white lovely  baju Melayu or Malay wedding dress. Many of our relatives  from both my parent's side  came  to  the wedding day. My brother proclaimed his vows only once. I like the bride's wedding dress  which is  covered with lace.  The trend is white nowadays  and  I think it is  lovely and romantic . I remembered  when the trend was lilac  a few years back. I wore blue on my wedding day.  I will wait  to upload some photos.
And then after the solemnization ceremony we went to  my new  sister in law's house at Jalan Mahadi for a feast or Kenduri on the bride's side. Many people came and it was a  joyous  ocassion.
My brother GG is wedded . After one month of  engagement.  After that we went  to sleep at  the Best Western. The next day  all of us , Nas and her family , my parents, my brother and I   went to another wedding , my sister's Nas 's husband's family.  The whole family wore gold coloured traditional  dresses . Gold lace but the bride and groom wore white too.
Now there are only four of us in the house , if Mal comes back home  there will be five of us .  My brother GG came to visit a day after the wedding with his wife Ti. He looks very happy , I am glad for him. So now we will wait for another feast on the groom side which will be  in July or September.  I do not know what colour will be in season . Perhaps it will be gold or fuschia.

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