Saturday, March 20, 2010

Jingga ran away

My cat Jingga ran away last Wednesday night. I thought he will come back. On Thursday he ran as I wanted to
catch him. He is not back since then. My mother said it was because of  Kuntum and the kittens. I feel very sad
I thought he will  not be around . Last night I saw him under the neighbour's car . I gave him a piece of fried fish. Today  I saw him again but I could not reach out for him . His mouth is black I think it is because he had eaten
some stones.
I felt sad that he is afraid to bome back home.  Today we made some sheperd's pie using mutton . My sister Nas is here with her children.  My brother GG is here with his wife and mother in law. I made some favourite
stand by . AJ's tomato lamb or mutton, some Ayamas chicken and some salad.  I am still waiting for Jingga to come back . 

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