Saturday, March 6, 2010

My cat Jingga

My cat Jingga is allowed to stay in the house. He is a fussy eater. He does not want to eat chicken anymore nor does he want  to eat  the dry cat food. Now I feed him boiled or raw fish. He does not want to sleep in his bed which I bought. He likes to watch the other cats at the back.  Today he does not want to spend time in the house. Perhaps it's too hot. 
I have knee pain. Last week I have sprained my knee. I went to see an Orthopedic doctor, he told me to reduce my weight and buy some medicine. It's called Vitra sal in powder form. I have to take it once a day. I surfed for 
some  nice recipes to make.  I know that I feel very hungry at night . So now I drink water or eat fruits when I am hunger. On the first day I boiled some carrots and one egg, then slice one onion and eat with some left over 
tuna. The second night carrots, green beans  and onion.  Last night it soto ayam. 

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