Thursday, February 18, 2010

Vietnamese Style Beef Noodle


Soup  and meehoon

Today my mother made a vietnamese style beef noodle. So we bought some vegetables for the condiments. We bought mint, cilantro, bean sprouts ,lime and fried onions.   Some fried onions are tasty and I could eat a bunch of them  to my mother's horror . All  the vegetables are eaten  raw  My mother had cooked the beef soup in the pressure cooker . This dish is  tasty and refreshing.  The beef soup was cooked as usual but the the condiments add a different taste to the noodle . We used meehoon or vermicelli instead of the rice noodle.

Last week I had bought some yoghurt to make some fruit parfait. I loved the one I saw in the Traditional  Home magazine. I also love parfait glasses. So off I went to buy some Quaker  granola bars. I need smaller glasses . The granola bars vanished in one day. My husband prefered ithe yoghurt and fruits all in a bowl. I bought the large sized yoghurt  from Sunglo which is 1.5 kg. My parents seems to like it too . This week we bought some banana, pineapple and papaya. This combination is a good combination. Mangoes, blueberry kiwi , dragon fruit and strawberry would add  a riot of colours. You can  buy  frozen berries at the  Cold Storage.
I have not bought any muffin tray. I have not tried making Spanakopita. I am supposed to be on diet. I am way off my ideal weight.

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