Monday, March 15, 2010

Ibu kucing or the mother cat

I have a fair share of  the mother cats. Cats which have a litter. The first was Rosa which got run down by a car back in 2006. I felt very sad. Then Eleina Daniela one of her kittens. She gave birth twice until we have to give them them away. Then came two Toms. Now it is Ibu or mother . I like to call her ibu but mother is not appopriate having a mother of your own. I call her Kuntum.  Today she brought her four kittens. She hides them besides the shoe rack. I think she will bring them inside the house if she has the chance. I feed four cats now. Awang , Spicy another pregnant cat , Kuntum and Jingga. I don't know why  Kuntum wants to bring the kittens in. Last time  Tom also brought her kittens in.  
Jingga likes the Blackwood dry cat food and fish . Boiled fish. He does not want to eat any chicken meat. I wonder why . I have read in the net that fish is not good for him.  Kuntum's kittens are about one month old. Once they are bigger I will put them with the other cats behind the house. There is a colony of cats behind the house and they are taken care of a nice lady. She feeds them every morning and evening and would give them
medicine if they are sick.  That is really nice of  her.  My father said that there  should only be one cat at home and he will tolerate only one cat. The cat is Jingga .

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