Monday, March 29, 2010

Jingga is back and a week of illnesess

Jingga finally came back last Thursday. I called out for him and he answered back. He looked quite week . I carried him into the house  and fed him a lot of fish. Ibu Kuntum was there and she wanted to go in and take a look at my cat. I had to make a hard decision. Next time no more feeding to the cats outside . I will keep food
inside. I have to give away the mother and the kittens if I want Jingga at home. So no more feeding any food to pregnant mothers.  Will I ever learn ?
I made some leek soup two days ago. I could not eat it anymore because I felt very hungry. My mother who 
accompanied me also did not finish the soup. My father had coughs and he was coughing very hard until his 
left eye became  red. The doctor at UMMC said that it is because the pressure when he coughs. 
He went to the hospital and then  to the SJMC. Today he felt bloated and is at the doctor.  My husband too had cold and headache and got alright after drinking some grapefruit juice. Mal is coughing nocturnally .Today I have a headache and phlegm.  I bought some medicine at the pharmacy. My mother did not feel ill . I will be going somewhere in the middle of next month with my parents.

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