Friday, December 4, 2009

Steamed asparagus , poached eggs and hollandaise sauce

 It was Aidhil Adha last week. Nas had cooked bryani rice and the tomato lamb .  It was tasty .
On Saturday I made some steamed asparagus. First I made the hollaindaise sauce using a recipe for a blender hollandaise sauce from Allrecipe. It works well and quick.The  recipe is quick and easy. Just blend the egg yolk , lemon juice and mustard, then pour the hot butter slowly while blending the egg yolk mixutre in the same blender . I steamed the asparagus  with some salt while doing so. I think I have steamed the asparagus too long  . It became limp and soggy.  Then came the poached eggs. My mother wanted to help too. We don't eat poached eggs in the house. Later I learnt how to poach eggs from  Video Jug using egg rings. I saw some sold at Tesco . The next time my husband goes there I will buy maybe two of those . It is said that you can make really nice pancakes using the egg rings, and make an egg banjo.
This recipe is one of  the dream recipe . The recipe  I love to look at and always come back . So the next time, I will try to poach the eggs first. I will steam the asparagus for lesser time. After that we put the dish in three separate plates. The verdict is  eveyone ate it. My mother, my sister and my brother. I kept the recipe  of the this dish  years ago and kept it in mind .  It looks good.  Yummy.The thicker asparagus cost RM 5.00  per bunch.

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