Saturday, December 26, 2009

Tumeric powder for pimple, Tia Amelia and raw meat for kitten

Last week I have three ugly looking pimples . They were large. Fortunately I remembered the turmeric powder or Kasturi manjal which I had bought  before. So I took some powder and add some water and put  it on the pimples. It stings and I could feel my skin tighten immediately . After 3 days inclusive of  one day  using it as  a face mask my pimples is gone and  with  no apparent scar. I use  the Eswari tumeric powder  for the face which can be found  at the  Indian shops at Jalan Masjid India in Kuala Lumpur.
My mother is also using Tia Amelia turmeric cream. I used to wear it  and the result is great. but since I love to try out new creams I don't use it so much. My mother faithfully uses before retiring  at night without fail.  . The big size cream costs RM 69.90. I think turmeric is great  for the face . Now my mother's face is flawless.
I was also  searching for the right kitten food. After delving for the premium dry and wet kitten food. I find myself   going back to the idea of   feeding raw food  to  Jingga. I liked the idea  so  I went back searching for the blog  I used to  look at  and I found it at : . I like the idea of feeding my kitten with raw food. Jingga has benefited from eating boiled chicken breast . His eyes are large and shining.   He is now  2.8 kg.  . Another website is for making raw cat food is : .
The thing is that I don't feel like buying a grinder which is a must . Perhaps I should buy the  other ingredients for the supplement or  for the cat's elixir.  Do I have the monies to buy it  that is the question  or  do I just close my eyes and buy it as  you only have to buy  it once ? It looks like a hassle but I love to see the photos of the beautiful cats  after eating the raw diet.
Another website I stumbled across is . They have a powdered premix called Instincts TC and Instincts   Plus   which is to be added to the raw food. I have not seen the premix in Malaysia. Perhaps it is available if you ask around. Still you have to have a grinder. Or I might take out the cleaver and chop , chop,chop.There is grinder sold  at Tesco for less than RM 200 and I have seen another sturdier looking  grinder for around RM 500 at Best Denki stores  or Jusco. I also like the jar for storing the prepared but  from what I read zip lock bags are used.

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