Sunday, December 20, 2009


This week all of us went to Viccudha restorant in Damansara Utama. It's a Thai restaurant which is very popular  .All of us were there except Yati, Sadd, Mal and their families. It's to celebrate those whose birthdays are in December . Mine included too he he he.
I have been thinking of making the Ile Flottante or Floating Island recipe. It's a classic French recipe. I'm seriously considering to make it. It's not that  I will make it some day.  The first time I saw this snow white beauty with the custard sauce or Creme Anglaise was in Martha Stewart show at NTV7. I like to watch the show in my room around 11pm or 12 pm . The recipe calls for 18 egg whites, so now I have been collecting recipes via the net .
You can poach it in milk too , I saw that in a recipe from AFC . The  Asian food channel,  there is one from You  tube too . Now I have to find the cream of tartar. Maryam my niece also made some ice cream with a kid's ice cream maker . It does make ice cream . Her birthday is coming soon. Now she is into cats.
Last Friday  and Saturday the ladies  went to  One Utama to shop for clothes.  . Nas is here about two weeks.  My brother Zahid works in a tuna company. The tuna is very tasty .  However the tuna is not sold here in Malaysia .
There's a new all white male cat which appears in the house chasing Jingga . Jingga is very scared. It has been quarelling with Awang who came back after two days of dissapearance. 

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