Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay

This is another gift from my kind sister,  Nas.  I wanted to try this pure calcium bentonite clay from Arizona.  It is said to be very good especially for acne prone skin . My sister Nas had ordered the clay from We decided to get it sent to Malaysia through DHL  Global Airmail. The package came to the house safely  at last after 20 days.
The colour of the clay is pale green. I have used the clay 4 times .  I have used only water  for the clay all this while. From the reviews it is best to use the clay with apple cider vinegar.  I have not hunt for Braggs just yet   , maybe next month. When I use it with water , it does tend to be clumpy . It does pulsate but not very hard. I washed  off the mask  with warm water and sometimes , with the muslin cloth.  The first two times I used  the mask , I have tiny pimples the  next few days. I am not sure it is because of the mask  or because of the Golden Horse products . After 4 times , I did not get any pimple . I have yet to try this mask with apple cider vinegar. The price for this mask is USD 12.00 inclusive of postage for a  1 lb jar.