Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Sebamed Cleansing bar

A few days ago, I had some redness near my mouth. I have used the calamine lotion without any effect. I went online to search for a soap. There are many soaps in the pharmacy but I can't remember the name since I have asked my father to ask the  pharmacy assistants. Don't ask me why .
I found that Sebamed could help since my sister had bought the liquid one for face and body . I thought of the soap with tar , maybe it is too strong. I have used the cleansing bar in green colour for two days  and the redness had  vanished  . There is one big zit looming over . Actually since I have only one or two pimples  in a month , I don't really want to go to  the doctor .  The soap costs RM 8.90. The itchiness on my arm  too has  also subsided. Today I saw some other soaps of interest, Acne-Aid soap and another sulfur soap from JF. Maybe I will give it a try since I don't mind trying .
My sister said the products from Murad is very good for pimples but it is expensive for me , about RM 700.00 for the whole set.  

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