Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Nasi Daging

On Sunday my mother made Nasi Daging again  . It is rice dish with meat and eaten with air asam or a sauce for dipping .  Air asam is made with bird's eye chillies, sliced tomatoes, onions and belacan or shrimp paste and some tamarind and water . I love Nasi Daging since my father had asked for the spices when they went back to Kedah the other day. There is something missing though although my husband loved it . We have it with dalca. The last time I tried Nasi Daging was years back in Tobiar, Kedah  at my cousin's wedding.
Mal has received the offer to the university in Madinah , he is very busy nowadays. As for my face, after one week of using the Sebamed soap,  there is no breakout . I have used clear nail polish on the pimple . It is receding . I still use Safi Rania gold day cream for fairness.  I got another 5 sachets of AG 2000 hydrating mask when my father bought  the Maduka honey.

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