Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Revlon Super Lustrous Lipsticks

I received  two Revlon super lustrous  lipsticks   the other day .  The colour is No.205 Champagne on Ice which is like nude ,gold  or light orange colour and another one No103 Caramel Glace which is brownish  reddish  pearl colour . I like the one which is reddish brown one . This colour can be worn on it's own. Somehow both colours look pink when photographed. Maybe I will be snap the lipsticks  at day time. 
I think I  used to have the Champagne on Ice once but then I did  not use it as often as I like , it does look light peach sometimes.  I use both colour on  and it looks good.  I have a fuschia and red lipstick and the colours are sweeter when I use with these lipsticks.  I like nude colours , be the lightest pink or peach and a lot of kohl or kajal on.

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