Monday, August 1, 2011

Calamine Lotion

I found another use for Calamine Lotion, to treat pimples. When I had some rashes on my face , I use Calamine lotion . It turns out that calamine lotion does  indeed help with pimples. I have  a red spot , I use   whatever  acne busters   I have , except Nixoderm . Nixoderm made a black head ugly , so I don't use it so much but it is quite effective for smaller  pimples  . I have used calamine lotion on the red spot for days and  it  did not dissapear very quickly  . So I used  the Miracle mask which I have purchased again, this time  I dot it on the red spot and pigmentation area  it at night . Previously  I only use  the mask once  a week. So far I have seen great improvements .
Yesterday my sister and family , Rafiq and family and me sent my parents to Mecca for Umrah along with a few relatives the paternal side . Rafiq's mother in law also went  with my parents  . This is the first time my parents perform Umrah during Ramadhan.  Tomorrow will be the first of Ramadhan. Selamat Menyambut Bulan Ramadhan to all muslim readers.

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