Tuesday, August 9, 2011

AG 2000 Hydrating Lifting mask

Two weeks ago , my father gave my mother and I some samples of AG 2000 hydrating peel off mask. I got about four pieces . My father was told that it would make the face softer and fairer. I have used the mask twice, and I liked it very much . The colour of the mask is green and is filled with gamat or sea cucumber .  After peeling the mask  off , my face looks good  plus the acne marks I have had faded.  The price for the mask for 20 sachets is RM 48.00 some have 25 sachets , I am not sure , there is another peel off mask  in a 125 ml bottle for RM 38.00. These masks can be found in any House of  Healin  stores .I like it very much so I have asked my mother to buy a box of the sachets  . Here is a link about AG 2000 http://majoriz.com/accessory_en.php
My parents came back this morning. They are still tired . Today we bought most food items, grilled stingray , ikan masak pedas , again sting ray , roast chicken , kerabu mangga and kerabu  pucuk paku , kueh Pelita and air mata kucing .  My mother said that she wants to go for Haji the next time she goes  there inshaallah in  2014 on her 70 th birthday and to celebrate my parents 50th marriage  anniversary  . Amin.

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