Thursday, February 3, 2011

Festive Days

Today my mother ,Maryam , Hamzah and I went to One Utama for lunch . This is my father's fasting day so my mother does not cook. Akmal is still  sleeping . It is Chinese New Year , there are still many people at the mall. I had the prosperity burger , beef. Yesterday I wanted to drop  by at  McDonald's the Bandar Utama branch but  it looked closed. I bought some minced beef and the works for my husband. I got some lovely  gifts from my mother and sisters  . I got a nice blouse  from Somerset the one that I spied and loved  in beige . It is in size 7 , they do make large blouses nowadays. There is still sale at East India. Therea are some lovely bags from Guy Laroche but it costs RM 679.00 at the moment. No sale .
Maryam and Hamzah is staying while my sisters are in Japan.  As for skincare , I am now using Puteri Rembulan for one month now.  My face is getting as fair as my hand . The pigmentation has not lessened but I think it will  reduce in 6 months time. I am looking forward to try some other skincare . Itchy , itchy , my husband said that he will buy Simplysiti products for me . I think I will ask him to buy for me the all in one cream for mature ladies.

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