Friday, February 18, 2011

Treatment Foundation

I went to the immigration office for my husband’s visa yesterday. We came back after 3 hours. I could not resist buying another Fair & Lovely Anti Marks again. Although the Puteri Rembulan is good , there is some pimple scars which is not gone yet . The price is RM 9.99 in Giant though I thought I bought at Guardian for RM 6.99. There are some foundation and treatment creams which I am aiming at . One is the gold foundation and treatment from D’Navechee. It is filled with vitamin B5 and vitamin E. It is also enriched with Bearberry extract for a fairer face. It comes in a large pot and the price is RM 118.00.Some other treatment foundation is the La Lumiere Nature Et Cosmetique range . It is also a treatment foundation cream which comes in three shades. The foundation is an anti aging and and will conceal pimple scars and pigmentation. The company has mostly cosmetic , lipstick , foundation , dual foundation powder ,concealer and lip liner. The company ,Faiz Network , now has a range of skin care called C’est Belle . The price for the treatment foundation is RM 57. Another foundation which has collagen and grape seed is the Diamond foundation from De Herb Marketing. This foundation will make your face look 10 years younger and will conceal any marks on the face. The price is RM 59.90 . The company has a collagen lipstick which is suitable for dry lips and darkening lips . All these treatment foundation comes with SPF 30 and above. The last foundation I have in mind, not the least , is from Nouvelle Visage which is their 3 in 1 foundation and moisturizer . The price is RM 80 depending on the sellers. The company has been around 12 years . These are my personal favourite but there more sunblock and foundation around locally and from abroad.

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