Friday, February 25, 2011


My mother has been warded in  Pusat Perubatan Universiti Malaya two nights ago , she could not sleep  and felt very tired . My father ,Mal and myself had gone to the Trauma centre. We waited from midnight to morning for the test and the doctor's decision  . My mother  definitely  has a weak heart and  perhaps  a liver problem. Everybody were alarmed. Nas came with the children  around afternoon yesterday.  My mother could not breath and she could not sleep for two nights in a row . Rafiq came to see her and so did Taei.  Yati came back at night . My mother had not been hospitalized eversince she gave birth to Mal in 1989. She is worried . My cousin came to visit. Last night Nas stayed with her , my husband also visited.  Saadah too and Dina is here Zahid will come back on Sunday. Today they have visited her  in the morning until now . I will be going to see her with my father and Maryam. My mother has fever today.  Now I am scared to take new medications for health.I will stick to honey only.

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