Thursday, September 30, 2010

Some Simple food

A few days ago , I was at home. My parents and sister did not come back yet. Mal ,my brother ,was plonked in bed. Obviously he was tired with the night shift.  I thought of cooking but then , I felt quite hungry. So there were some prawn, tomato and eggs. I made the the shrimp louie. This salad is filling. I made some for my brother.
Before that , my sister Nas had a nice recipe with "Budu" involved . Budu is a delicacy , if I may say so favoured by those from the East Coast of penisular Malaysia .It is  fermented fish sauce.  My mother made some cabbage in coconut milk or masak lemak kobis, fried chicken, boiled or steamed fish and eggplant  with long beans. Of course a hard boiled egg in Budu with slices of  onion and bird 's eye chillies. It was very nice. I liked it a lot.
I was thinking of making some mee with wantan . My sister made some , it was dim sum the other day. Later we went to eat at a restaurant selling noodles . I had noodles  with beef.  I think I will make some beef stock and beef and keep it hot , so that I can eat some noodle whenever my mother is not at home or when  my parents fast on Mondays and Thursdays. My father said that fasting makes one healthy.  My husband had made some Carbonara sauce yesterday  and I had boiled some spaghetti.  I will have those tomorrow I and  will make probably make  some more shrimp salad.

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