Saturday, November 7, 2009

Cabbage Soup diet and Vegetable Fritatta

A couple days ago I started on a Cabbage soup diet. However I did not finish the seven days diet.  I made the soup in a huge pot. On the first day , I felt very hungry having only soup and fruits to eat . On the second day  I ate something else . I felt very tired perhaps because  I have not been on a diet before  .  Perhaps my body could not take it . However the good news is ,  that before I started eating the bean salad for dinner and embarking on the cabbage soup diet  for about two days, my weight is 78 kg. On the second day of the the cabbage soup diet I weigh 75 kg. I lost 3 kg  ... It means that going for the  soup diet  does work  but  I felt very hungry and there are some who wanted to sabotage my diet . He he he.
For those who are interested  in the cabbage soup here are some links :  and  a local one  . The cost of the vegetable is roughly RM 20 and I bought some pears which cost RM 10 , RM 2.50 each. You have to prepare it twice because   by the third day , the soup is nearly finished since every one in the house felt that it tasted delicious . I thought of continuing the soup diet with  some " Sawi  "  or musrtard greens and a little bit of chicken but I still have to eat in the morning   though.
One of the mornings I finally made a Spanish omelette based on a mini cook book I bought years ago.  I made it  with some boiled potatoes  and  some Italian parsley .Roughly chop   half  an  onion and a few cloves of garlic. Heat  the oil and cook  the onion and garlic until translucent . Then add the boiled potatoes which has been cubed  , for a few minutes since I used  half of a large potato. And then put the onion mixture into  a bowl. Lightly beat 3 eggs  and then add to the mixture. Heat some oil in the same  pan add the egg  mixture. Wait until it begin to harden , transfer  the pan into the oven .      Bake it  for about 20 minutes at 150 C. Ooh do not forget the salt and pepper of course  .  My husband said it is nice. My  mother liked this omelette which is also called  a Fritatta .  It seems that one  also can make it in  a muffin tray. People have been making this for a long time.
Today when my sister Nas and her chidren  is here , I tried to make a Fritta using steamed broccolli  and grated cheddar cheese. I think I have added too much salt. Tomorrow I will try to make another Fritatta  for my husband  using the broccoli , boiled potato and grated Kraft cheese.
Here are some links about Fritatta and some mini Frittata which could enlighten :
This is an Iranian Spinach Frittata
This is from you tube about Mini Frittata which I plan to do in a not distant future
Another one about mini Fritatta

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