Thursday, November 12, 2009

Chicken wings

Today I went out with my husband after a long time. We went to our favourite  restaurant. Al Rawsha at Jalan Damai. As usual we have the lamb mandy. Mandy is actually  rice . It is said to be from Dubai, that is what I found out when googling for Al Rawsha. It  rained heavily in Kuala Lumpur  this evening.
I was also browsing for something to try out . A recipe of chicken wings came to mind. My sister  Nas has gone back. Nas had made  tomato rice. She also made her salad  with tomato , cucumber , salad leaves and lemon juice. It is tasty . I will try that.  When my sister Sadd came for a day , we had crab curry.  Blue crabs that is .
I was thinking of the many ways of making chicken wings. At first I wanted to do Buffalo  Chicken Wings recipe but then I have to buy  some other  ingredients . So after  a long time browsing I settled for a recipe by an Indonesian lady who lives in Australia. I have all the ingredients at home , so I have made some now . It is in the oven and will be ready to eaten in about 20 minutes . My mother and I will try  it  soon . There are other interesting recipes by foodwishes with sweet mustard sauce and another from Itkman who also does simple dishes.
So for those who are interested here are some of the links , the honey and barbeque sauce.

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