Tuesday, November 17, 2009


I am 44 years old yesterday. I thought I was 45 so I am younger . My husband treated me at a nice restaurant.  It was Persian food or Iranian food. Jingga  the kitten sneezes most of the time at home . He is up and about  . So I am 45 years old. I feel old . I am not even 50 . Perhaps I have to take more supplements  or  broaden my horizon .
 My mother  found a new product called Stevico. She bought the  Broccoli  and Spinach one for her cattracts.  It tasted like orange.She had refused to go for  her eye surgery . She is afraid she said.  I like the one with  the  wild  Brazil tomato extract .It is for the anti aging and can  reduce pigmentation if used for 90 days. Each box cost RM 200. Perhaps I will try one day.
I received a cook book from my brother GG.  I also liked one of the breakfast ideas from a website. Though it looks nice , I have not found the time to make it. It is poached egges  with yoghurt . A Turkish recipe . It looks simple and could be nice The website is . http://almostturkish.blogspot.com/2007/03/turkish-poached-eggs-with-yogurt-lbr.html . I think I will try it at my husband's  stall. He has  the paprika and I will buy some youghurt.
The spicy buffalo chicken wing I tried  is very nice. Not too spicy  .I made for my husband with drumsticks and other parts of the chicken. Maybe the  next time I will marinate the chicken in  the mixture for  a longer period of time so that  it will be more tasty  and I will try  to marinate  a whole chicken in the mixture My husband likes it . He is a picky eater so I don't try any new dish with him. I just go for the simple  recipes.

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