Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Bean Salad

I made  a bean salad yesterday. So off I went to buy a tin each of garbanzo beans, red kidney beans and black beans. I thought of buying the dry ones but it is too much hassle. Since I do not know how long to cook in the pressure cooker .  I also purchased some lime , tomato and cilantro.   I chopped the cilantro ,some red onions and the tomatoes. I just squeeze the lime and add some salt and some sugar.
It is quite good if I say myself. It yield a large Corning bowl. So my parents and my brother tried it. There is some left . I thought of having this salad for dinner instead of my usual fare. My diet is the  Bean salad diet . I thought of adding Fava beans but it was not available at the neighbourhood supermarket.The next recipe I want to try is  the Vietnamese Beef noodle soup.My sister Sadd gave me one recipe . Or may I would try some recipes from the booklets I bought  since 2001. I have not tried many of the recipes. Once in many months I would read the books again . I think I should note my habits as well.
I have been drinking Roselle tea for  a month. I bought it from Herbal Bloom.Roselle is   high in  vitamin C. I just put one dried calyx  into a cup and add hot water.  There is a choice of either buying tea bags or the calyx .
I have bought some Cocoa Collagen Power Plus , so far I have sold one to my mother .

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