Sunday, October 4, 2009

Cat in the hole

My sister and her family from Jakarta were here for a week , and another sister Dr . Dr and her family too were here for the weekend. As usual the family members gathered with pulut durian a.k.a glutinous rice with Coconut Milk and sugar, and fried Kurau fish. My little niece had asked me to te read for her Dr Seuss's book 'The Cat in the Hat'. I read it only half way. I did not watch the movie however. She said it was 'cool'.
Today the fat cat with blue eyes , had chased a kitten, a new edition into the hole . I was afraid it might be go straight into the big drain. I watched it as it was near the drain. It was hollering the poor thing. The strange thing is when I called the fat cat blue eyes, it came to my rescue . It dutifully sat near the kitten in the drain and I think it showed it how to get out . When I came back from the mall , the kitten is in front of the house . Hollering .
Poor kitten . My mother said it missed it's mother. I gave it some fish yet it would not stop meowing , I tried to touch but it was still scared. So fat cat came to it's rescue. The kitten is a she and I smiled at the courtesy of a gentleman aristocat. There's a Malay proverb which if translate literally is " shy, shy cat " or just as shy as a cat. It goes to anyone who wants to be close but act as if it doesn't want be near. Not a tease but just as shy like a cat.Not like a dove but that is another matter.
P/S : Sukin skincare is also available at Jusco One Utama and so is Pixie whitening two way cake .

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