Saturday, September 26, 2009

Safah Herbs and Sukin Organics

Two days ago my mother had treated me with a salmon teppanyaki. I went to the Body Shop and there I saw the foundation brush for RM 59. The face and body brush is at RM 68. I was in a hurry so I think that is the price .
I went to Watson's .There I saw Sukin Skin Organics from Australia  .I come to know of the skincare from one of the local beauty blog . Previously it was available in Singapore . The price is between RM 30 to RM 80 . It is without SLS and Paraben among other things. I was thinking of buying Safi instead . You can find everything about Sukin skincare here
I have made a rice body and face scrub. I got the recipe from an older forum from a lady named Liz Dee. The recipe is to take handful of rice , I took glutinous rice . Soak at for one day . The next day toss the rice , add thumb size turmeric. That is the ibu kunyit. Blend it . I put three handfuls , the Eswari turmeric powder which can be bought at Indian shops . I put three tablespoon.
Then there is another local company which use traditional items for skincare. I bumped into it while I was searching for how to make green gram scrub. It is a wonderful site, I have not buy any of the the items.The website is : There is traditional body scub, mask, soap and beauty oil . There is a wonderful centella and green peas body scrub. The company also conducts beauty courses and other services . The price for a scrub is from RM 11.90 for a 60 gm scrub to RM 119 for a 600 gm scrub . There is also super facial soaps like Aloe Honey soap for RM 12.90 for 50 gm. All price is for West Malaysia only. Maybe I will try the soaps one of these days.

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