Friday, October 16, 2009

Open House

Today I went to an open house with my parents . It was held at Felda Jalan Semarak . My father has served there for 25 years . My father has  many friends and they still remember him. My father will be 73  this year. My mother who is somewhat reserved is   65  years . I will be 45 years old  this November. So in twenty years time I  hope  I will be like them. Hopefully in good health.
My father said that the   'rendang ' is very good accompanied with the 'lemang' of course.Lemang is a glutinuos rice dish  usually cooked in bamboo.It is always accompanied with 'rendang'. A famous dish which appeared during the festive months . My mother is now selling HPA organic chicken. So far business is good.
The kitten  Jingga is still here. He is very friendly.  I thought of my many mistakes when I took care of Rosa,  and her kittens .  I think I will bath Jingga  the proper way. He is  relaxing near the  screw pine bushes. It has been raining every day . Nowadays it usually rains at  3 pm or 3 am. There was a black out in the early morning  a few days ago.

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