Thursday, October 22, 2009

Some happenings at home and Shamelin Mangostyn Juice

Last night my father had vommitted. He did not want to go any clinic because he felt weak. This morning he is still weak . It might be food poisoning but it's  not for sure. Perhaps it is the meat that  he ate at the  many open houses my parents went to  . My mother had cooked chicken soup and chicken porridge for all of us to eat tonight . My father also bought Cod Liver oil. The one  he used to give us when we were little.  The one in the orange box with a man carrying a big fish .I also take the oil  for my athma which came up  mysteriously.
It rains every afternoon.  Oh ...  the rainy days are here . Jingga is getting friendlier. He does not go into the drain nowadays . I think he learns his lesson. He also does not climb the mango tree.  I spot some mangoes growing on the mango tree in front of the house.
Last Monday I saw a programme called Spice Route 2 on TV3. It was about the durian tree which originates from Zanzibar in Tanzania. I always thought the durian is from Malaysia. I should google other fruits as well.
My sister  Nas had informed me about the importance of taken the soursoup  fruit which is very good to fight cancer. Perhaps someone would make the Soursoup fruit juice like the manggosteen juice . There is a Bumiputra  MLM company which sells the mangostyn  juice called Shamelin Mangostyn juice  for RM 260 for 6 bottles  if you become the member .The retail price is RM 50 per bottle. It is sold in a box of three bottles .If you are interested you can find them here .It's in Bahasa Malaysia but the company which distribute it   is  Shamelin Bina Sdn Bhd. Shamelin Bina is one of the subsidiary of Koperasi Shamelin which had constructed  the Taman Shamelin Perkasa a residential area in Cheras Kuala Lumpur  back in the 80's.

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