Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Working days

As it is known, I am at work again. I work mostly in the afternoons until late evening. Yesterday I was very tired and slept at 9.30 pm. I wanted to open an account at BSN bank near my house . It took about 2 hours to open the account. I bought Avoderm cat food the other day as Royal Canin is too expensive well I thought it will be a waste if the cats do not want to eat. My parents dutifully put the cat food in the mornings. My mother said that Awang and Tompok love the dry cat food in the morning. I think Tompok will give birth soon. It is getting hot these days . I watch "Matahari" at TV3 in the evenings.

I had wanted to make roast beef for some time. I am afraid that it wont' taste good. I thought that I would buy the mashed potatoes from KFC. I look up in the You tube mostly . Classic English roast beef should be accompanied with Yorkshire puddings or roasted potatoes. Well , there is one particular recipe which uses the slow cooker . The slow cooker at home is the smallest size. My father loves to eat ox tail soup last time. My mother said that it is one of the reasons for his heart failure. Now my youngest brother Mal seems to love this type of soup. I love this soup too . I like meehoon soup. A vermicelli like noodle with ox tail soup. My mother would prepare it's condiments of boiled eggs. spring onions, slices of limes and not forgetting the chili. Oh I forgot the meat balls. My mother would use chicken and potato for the meat balls but my father said it tastes better with beef. Some of the other family favourite tea time treats are laksa kedah and mee mamak. I would go for the roast leg of lamb. I wonder when I would try this dish. Since my mother is saying that her Tupper Chef wok can do wonders.

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