Saturday, July 2, 2011

Miracle Mask

 I bought this mask after reading another blog. This product is from Langkawi and has been around for several years. It has no chemical , preservative and fragrance and is 100% natural.  I bought it to fade the pigmentation on my face which bugs me most of the time. I bought the mask from it's website for RM 21.00 , if I am not mistaken.
 The mask in white in colour , and it could also be used as a "bedak sejuk" or cool powder translated literally. You are supposed to take one teaspoon of  the powder and mix it  with cold water . When I first used it , my face became red and I do not want to use it . A few weeks later , I started to use it again . My pigmentation was fading and I liked my the texture of my face. So now , I use the mask every week  . I had a tiny pimple on my brow last night and when I applied the mask , it had dried out. Some users of this mask had said that their face is smoother . I like this mask very much. This mask is 50 gram but you can buy it in 300 grm if you wish. There are more products from this company , FCU Miracle enterprise,  neem scrub and neem capsules amongst  others.
I especially liked their 99 all in one cleanser . A powder cleanser which is powerful. I was given a sample , and they have an Extra Moist oil . I have not checked out  the product though . If you wish to be a reseller , you can be one too. Here is a link to their website :

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