Thursday, April 28, 2011

Skin care

The Olay moisturizing cream is going to finish in a few days. I thought of buying a new one or the lotion version. Yet , I thought of buying the  Olay Total Effects , Safi or the new Hada Labo Retinol range .  So many choices , tomorrow I think I will go with my husband to Tesco or maybe to the Guardian pharmacy down the road.  On the other hand , I do not want to mix and change creams too often. I might invite some more zits.
My skin looks better, if I may say so  ,the Temulawak cream does a wonderful job .I find  that my pimple scars  are slowly dissapearing. I use this  cream from 4  pm to 7 pm daily. After that I use  Pond's cold cream to take it off .Today my nose is getting red , I think there will be  another pimple  soon  , so I slather the Oxy 10 on my nose. This week I  watched mostly  skincare videos on  the You Tube again. My niece likes to watch Michelle Phan  . I found one video on Oxy , though. It is about a person's experience on acne using Cetaphil cleanser and Oxy. If you are  interested here is the link :
I also looked for some  recipes . That reminds me to buy a muffin pan. I have to have one of those because I can make either a savoury muffin or a sweet one. I love to find recipes it seems, for a mini savoury quiche. I am forever staring at these quiches online.   I also would like to make a scone. It looks easy , one person is making it with lemonade.

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