Thursday, April 21, 2011

A week of no pimple

My pimple is gone . Hurray !!!  Now , I do not have any more pesky ones cropping out.  I use   the Oxy Acne wash and the powder lotion  twice  a day , every day , for the past week  . So far my blemish is less. Last two nights I put some  lemon juice on my face and leave it overnight . I saw one video at the You tube.  I can use the juice of  half of a lemon  for two nights. My face looks fairer.I always go back to lemons , eggs and honey. I think I will stick with Oxy products for now.
My cat Jingga sleeps under the my parents bed after his early morning meal about 5 or 6 am. Then I will take him out  again and give him another meal. The doctor gave me two large plastic  droppers to use. I did not use until his mouth got smelly . I used the dropper and slowly the smell dissapeared. Jingga  does not go out so often nowadays. He sleeps and primps  all day long. Koko and Kiki is getting fat.

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