Thursday, October 21, 2010

Olay regenerist firming night cream and Safi Moisturizing cream with Sari Gamat

I am using two creams for day and night. At night I use Olay Regenerist night firming cream. I have wanted to buy this cream for awhile. So , I did about  a month ago. The cream is lavender colour. It is a thick cream. I feel there is an overall improvement on my face but not so drastic. I think I should use this cream for more than three months to see the real improvement .   Sometimes I use it on top of the rosehip oil and after using Dr Denese facial pads. This cream does not get rid of  my brown spots and the uneven colour. I think I don't want to think so much of these minor spots. The normal price of this cream is RM 69.90. I have bought  for RM 57.90  at  a Caring pharmacy during sales.I like this cream .
At day time after cleansing, I will use the Safi moisturizing cream with BHA and sea cucumber or  gamat extract. This cream is thin in consistency. It is a huge  jar of 80 grm. It is very soft. I bought it mainly to prevent pimples and this cream is said to help regulate the skin's  sebum and moisture balance. One can use this cream for day and night. It is a pleasant cream. It costs RM 8.30 at Guardian pharmacy. I used to wear the other cream with Cucumber extract . The one with the green top. This cream will last a long time and I find that pimples do not visit for a time being.

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