Friday, August 13, 2010

Olay moisturizing cream and Oat Mask

I have been using the olay moisturizing cream for some time. It's an on and off thing. I like the texture and the smell . I don't have any complaint about this cream. I don't use the fluid though. I never thought of using the fluid. Sometimes in my early twenties I just don't like the fluid. Then in my thirties I started to use the cream and until now at 45 . I use it alternately with the Olay Total Effect. I have not tried the Olay Regenerist perhaps I will use the serum only. Ramadhan is here. We break fast at home , yesterday my mother made her prawn curry and the tomato chicken and some salad or kerabu. It is Kerabu Kacang botol. My mother said she wanted to make a different kerabu every day. I read in many reviews that some elderly women their mothers or grandmothers did not have wrinkles when they use the classic Olay fluid. Another is Dorothy Gray's Satura cream . When I was younger I used to like the advertisements in the Female magazine. I have not seen this cream in Malaysia but there is an ebay seller called Perfumezen who sells this cream . It costs about RM 100 with postage .Some swore by  this cream . I thought of making a face cream my self . The only thing is I have sensitive skin. I found a nice website with   old  skin care formulations . I like the website because it has vintage and simple recipes . The only thing is to find lanolin and cocoa butter. Here is the website
Today I tried the oat mask for the first time. I use the instant oats and I ground it. I use only water . At first it was cooling and then it felt itchy. I don ' t know why maybe I am not used to it or perhaps I did not use the way it should used. Well, I will try it the next time maybe with honey. The oatmeal mask is beneficial as   it exfoliates the skin and absorbs the excess oil from the skin. It removes  dead cells and unclog the pores. So for these benefits I will try once this mask once again. Someone also mentioned that they use the oats as a cleanser . Another  uses  skim milk. I think I will try  both. Here are some you tube videos with the oatmask yoghurt and honey. Enjoy ...

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