Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Life as it is

Now life is back to normal. It has been ages since I travelled. My cat Jingga refused to eat the kitten and active adult cat food from Blackwood.  He likes the adult one. So I have been feeding him fish . It is difficult to carry him as he will cough. Yesterday my mother made a Pakistani dish with chicken and tomatoes. It is the variant of the lamb tomato dish  my husband  had taught me. She learnt this from a Pakistani lady years ago.

Chicken with tomato and yoghurt recipe
Slice some onion and garlic
Heat in oil
Add curry powder for chicken
Then add the cut chicken and  add  5 to 6 quartered  tomatoes
Allow the tomatoes to become tender - This will take quite awhile
Add  a few spoonfuls of yogurt and  then salt to taste sometimes my mother would add milk . The lady said it is also tasty with meat.. My husband loves the dish with a lot of yogurt.

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