Friday, January 22, 2010

Ile Flottante or Floating Island

Cooked in Corelle Cups
I made the floating island  or Ile Flottante at last . There are 6 eggs at home  but I used four. I have only one good Corning ramekin so I used three Corelle cups instead. It was quite hard to make the Creme Anglaise.  My mother was worried the cups would crack but  nothing happened . The eggs got cooked, the meringue was not so hard to do  .  Perhaps it is because I used powdered milk and it was very hot as opposed to scalding hot.
The meringues are very sweet , both my parents said so. My brother Mal who came back said the sauce taste of eggs. Well , next time I will use less sugar. The meringues look neat . It took about 40 minutes to cook. The ones cooked in ramekin look nicer . Here are some of the recipes I found which were useful. I dream to make
I have been busy making some dish. Creme Caramel on Sunday and Beef Lasagne on Monday. Cooking does alleviate some stress. He he he

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