Friday, January 8, 2010

Farewell and Surprise !!!

We have sent  Zahid and his family to the airport on the 6th January. He is back to Seychelles after one month vacation. The next day I am pleasantly  surprised to see my sister Yati at home. She has brought back  some baklava and I have been eating the lovely morsels ever since.
Yesterday my husband and I went to Al Rawsha again. We had a nice time . Mal and my mother is in Kuantan. Mal is into surfing at the Cherating beach  and he is now quite dark. GG is busy searching  stuff for his wedding. His big day is in February !!!
I saw some nice linen shirts  in all shades of colour  at Sogo shopping centre  yesterday.       The price is from RM 109 to RM 139. Anne Kelly shirts cost RM 189 and during sales they have 20% less. They  do have some  nice green coloured shirts the last time I  went to visit.Sometimes during  the sales you can buy the  shirt for RM 99 . There is a nice shop at Bangsar Village which sold fine  linen. It cost RM 250 that was in 2008 , I have not been there for some time , it might be more expensive.   Tomorrow Nas and her children will come back home too. So there will be a nice gathering .  I wonder what we will cook.

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