Saturday, September 12, 2009


It's raining now. I have been up looking at the You tube for an absolutely flawless face. After much glueing to the computer , I realize I only need to buy the MAC 109 and the 217 brush. I also realised that I should use the stick foundation for more matured ladies. The foundation will cost me about RM 100 . My husband stared at me when I mentioned it just now .
I think what I will do is to find a cheaper version of the foundation brush, I read that Watson's has one . I have to find a good concealer . I have never used those before . Farmasi Cosmetics the one I mentioned earlier has a primer , concealers,stick foundation and all that would cost me a bit more than RM 100 or I could buy Mustika Ratu 's stick foundation. I thought of buying their Honey soap ,lulur , scrub and jamu.
The cat with blue eyes has four lovely kittens. One day I saw her holding a fish in her mouth then I saw them . Four lovely kittens inclusive of an all black kitten . They have large eyes like their mother. I haven't had the chance to hold them because they were afraid of me. So now I have four little ones for friends. I have not tell this to my niece Maryam.They go out at night . The kittens I mean.
Tom the orange cat meow when she comes home. Now she is languishing somewhere in the house. I think she is pregnant. Why do pregnant cats come here ? I saw a wonderful video on cats , it's about cats which live on a hill. You can see it at It's called A Cat House on the hills. It's about a lady who takes care of 500 cats on her 6 acre land. It's very sweet. There is another large male cat with blue eyes.His coat is light brown. He seems lost. Has he been thrown out or purposely left here ? His owners must be very worried. Awang does not dare to fight with this one . He has been howling perhaps he is expecting his owners to show up . Poor boy.

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