Thursday, April 23, 2009

Working days

This is my second week working at home .So far so good. Now I am doing transcription and data analysis .My working time is from 2 to 3 pm until 9 to 11 pm. It's something like that. It's confirmed that my parents are going to Seychelles in June.The modem has blown up a few days ago . It's because something had exploded at about 3 in the morning. Now I had better be careful to turn off the modem at night .

I had befriended a gentle old cat. It is a black cat which looks like my old cat Tiberius Hitam, he likes to eat the dry cat food. I dreamt of Hitam in the afternoon . I was feeding him some prawns. Tompok is very pregnant. I feed her chicken once every two days . Mostly I feed Awang and Tompok with the Whiskas food in the foil. It would cost the same if I were to feed them a drumstick at a time. Tompok had been wanting to go to my mother's room . I think she will give birth soon.

I hope that my work at home is for a long time. Awang is not himself. His eyes , they are not shiny. He is quite weak.

The other day one of my father's friend's daughter had been mugged on the way home. It happened about 7.00 in the evening. After hearing the news I feel scared to open the gates at the back. I know that it is very frightening to be mugged.

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