Monday, April 13, 2009

Work At Home

I have been offered work ! I will be doing some work at home using the computer . Searching for some materials for my sisters. Dr & Dr. I have wanted to do something at home since 2007. So here goes. Hooray !!!!
Tompok is at home . I had fed her some raw chicken . She is pregnant again. I think she lost her kittens to the rain. It is raining heavily in the afternoons. No more sunny January to July months. My husband is taking another job. So I see less of him. Due to the economic slow down, many people are searching for cheaper lunches. They do skip the pizzas. Maybe it depends on where you are staying.
I do want to keep the promise to take care of my cat and bring her to the vet when she is sick. After Comel's demise , I felt so sad.Now I have the oportunity to take care of a cat. I know I fed her food so that she will be with me . I feel I need a cat for a companion and with that comes a responsibility . Awang did not appear today. My mother said that there was no food when he comes in the morning . Maybe he is sulking somewhere . Cats do sulk.
I have been surfing for a nice roast lamb recipe. So far I had seen the Morroccan lamb recipe which will go well with mint yogurt sauce and bryani rice. My father is fasting today. Fasting is for good health.

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