Monday, April 6, 2009

Awang's story

This morning Tompok did not appear at all . So, I fed Awang . I called him Awang for my lost big ,fat cat. When my sister Nas came for the weekend I found some old pictures of Rosa , Elena Daniela, Perseus , Awang and Cleopatra Chomel. Cat's and kitten's pictures taken back in 2005. The year I turned 40.
Life is not complete without these creatures. Today when I came back , I saw some fur. It belongs to Awang. The Awang I lost in 2007 also fought a lot . Just like my Hitam. He had made this house his territory. Could cats come back to their owner ? Or am I just telling my self stories? When Awang disappeared one fortnight , he came back very thin and sickly. Is this my Awang which could have been saved in the SPCA ? Or could he walk back home ? I have pictures of him.
Tompok is here licking her face. I saw a nice programme in TV3 on Saturday , the first cat reality programme in Malaysia sponsored by Friskies. It is a good programme. My niece ,Maryam , lost her her hamster and we went to buy a new one for her. There is a very big cage for cats which cost from RM 300-400 . My sister Dr.Nas is advising me to help my self first. Life is so dull without cats. They do understand you. If my mother tells Tompok why are you sitting on the sofa. She would stare at her and then leave the sofa. Sometimes I speak the Kedahan dialect with them , asking them to come back or asked them to come in the morning .
Awang is outside , he went into the house just now and he is now lazing outside. He refused to be touched.

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